You’ve been waiting a long time for this news and I am thrilled to announce that our next Kickstarter for Pixel Noir will be launching on September 14th!

That’s right—your favorite 16-bit detective and his crew are back for seconds! If you are as excited as we are, please show us your support by liking this update!

We've got a brand-spanking new logo for Pixel Noir to boot!

It’s been a long journey to this point. We had wanted to get here sooner, but we had to make a lot of hard decisions. Let me walk you through it.

Last year's Kickstarter campaign got off to such a great start...fans like you guys talked us up big time and got the word out to sites like Destructoid, Reddit, & even bloggers like Alpha Omega Sin! After all that, not making our goal last year was devastating. We talked a lot about what to do. The original plan was to re-launch shortly thereafter, taking the things we learned, cleaning them up, and putting Pixel Noir out there with renewed vigor.

As we analyzed and talked about it though, we realized that there were a few things we needed to do before launching a new campaign:

1. We had to re-examine our costs and see how we could possibly bring the campaign goal down from the $97,000 we asked for last time around.

2. Although some of you have played our pre-alpha prototypes at various events such as PAX East and MAGFest, most people didn’t have the chance to play a demo. This needed to change.

Len & Stephen holding down the booth at PAX East, 2014!

3. And lastly, now that we knew how much funding we could generate (~$40,000), how could we adjust the gameplay and features to build a fulfilling version of Pixel Noir within that dollar amount?

We went back to our designs & our plans. More importantly, we went back to our hopes and dreams. We laid proud foundations for a new version of Pixel Noir. We budgeted out what we could in order to keep pushing forward, using our free time to take a year’s worth of effort off the development cost. Our new demo is not a mock-up, but the groundwork for the real game now.

We plan to share our new demo with all of you at the launch of the Kickstarter! It’s not a full-length, fully featured Pixel Noir of course, but it will feature new content for those who got to play our older builds while running better than ever.

This represents our promise to our fans and people even "on the fence" about Pixel Noir: We are going to make this happen. We are not coming to Kickstarter with a prototype, we are coming to you ready to show off the foundations for our hopes, dreams, and vision.

See you in a few weeks.

//Tim Robinson, Project Manager

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