How Fine? Refine!

Hey there gumshoes! How is your summer going? (Seriously, leave a comment and tell us!)

As you know, we’ve been hard at work on refining the world of Pinnacle city from earlier prototypes into more complete thoughts. So for this update we wanted to share some concept art vs in game art with you! This has been a two part process:

The first was taking our time to revisit areas with our concept artist. This gave us a second opinion, a chance to go back to areas we have been so close to for so long and ask ourselves, "how can we really make this area pop?"

Take a look! The results speak for themselves:

Little Shanghai, where you can procure anything, whether it be bootleg designer bags, jellyfish dumplings or foreign video games.

The docks--trust me, you don't want to be around here come nightfall, friend

The other part of the process has been polishing items that we had tucked away all over the city. Things like trash cans, dumpsters, mail boxes, etc. all got a makeover. After being rescaled to fit into Len’s massive update of Pinnacle City, we are starting to see a new level of polish starting to appear on every pixel!

Retouching some existing objects

We're going back and adding subtle effects like ambient lighting into the environments

We know all of you are eagerly awaiting a demo of Pixel Noir as well as word on if & when we will be moving back into launching another Kickstarter campaign. We are nail bitingly close to releasing this info! In fact, after we finish developing and polishing these final, few systems, we'll be releasing the demo publicly for you and all our fans to play!

As always, thank you for sticking with us and being a part of our journey to build Pixel Noir!

//Tim, Project Manager

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