Updates! Updates! Updates!

When we started working on Pixel Noir around two years ago, we were a straightforward indie team. We had an idea, we had some talented people, and we had an overwhelming desire to create something exciting. Over time we've refined our approach to be leaner, meaner, and make higher quality progress more efficiently.

Something many will find surprising: Len was never supposed to do the environments. All of those gorgeous pixel streets that our friends and fans pour over when we show them new chunks of the world are all made by a guy who was originally just doing it for fun.

As we dug in with limited funding, Len also dug in to hone his skills as a pixel artist, and it shows. Now, we couldn’t imagine anybody else but Len doing our environments.

The Detective’s office was one of the first things ever used to build Pixel Noir, and its gone through the most iterations.

The office isn’t the only thing we’ve been polishing. Currently we’ve been hard at work on two large fronts. The first is continuing to expand and polish Pixel Noir’s environments in anticipation for our demo build that we want to bring to all of you.

The second, has been all "under the hood" pieces. We’ve created the background systems that run our stats, menus, and databases that are the heart of any RPG.

Some testbed menu's we've been implementing and experimenting with

We’ve also been hard at work on updating the way the game handles our sprite animations, as to make them move more naturally, making Pixel Noir look and feel much better than ever before!

It's as the old adage goes: "smoother sprite animation cycles make for smoother players" - Plato

Even more exciting, our next milestone is implementing battle into this new version of Pixel Noir, which we will be pleased to show you progress on!

Stay tuned folks, more progress coming soon!

Tim, Project Manager

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