Lighting, Pinnacle City, PAX East, & More!

Hey everyone! Tim here with our February update! We've been making some great progress that I'm excited to share with all of you!


As always we are hard at work on Pixel Noir! This month I want to share some of the interesting development, errm, developments that have been happening! Dynamic lighting was something we promised back in the Kickstarter last year that was something we hoped to achieve for Pixel Noir. Real time lighting is something a sprite based 16-bit game couldn’t do back in the Super Nintendo days. We felt that having it in game would look incredible and so we wanted to find a way for Pixel Noir to deliver that. Enter Snake Hill Games. These guys created a program called Sprite Lamp that allows us to combine our sprites with dynamic lighting effects!

As you can see, the light source is moving 360 degrees around the detective and the dynamic shading is working beautifully

Stephen, our 3D environment artist is currently taking the 240 frames that make up the Detective’s walk cycle, creating the lighting maps via Sprite Lamp, and placing them into our upcoming build. This is a massive milestone for us as it brings us one step closer to delivering the version of Pixel Noir we set out to make!

Implementing Sprite Lamp

We've also been working on expanding Pinnacle City. Last month we introduced you to Little Shanghai. This month, we take you deep underneath the city to the sewers! We knew we wanted to have areas of Pinnacle City that would act as a dungeon like in traditional RPG's. The sewer is one of the ways we decided to answer that question. We're super excited to flesh out yet another piece of Pinnacle City!

The Detective being his sarcastic, lovable self


PAX East is a little over a week away! One of our head honchos and resident composer, Kunal Majmudar, will be on the ground in Boston hoping to meet a few Pixel Noir fans! Keep an eye on our Facebook ( for more details!

Note: if you'd like to grab Kunal for an interview, podcast, or other cool thing you can reach out to him at


We had a great time at MAGFest & PAX South, seeing some of you from PAX East last year and meeting new friends too! Thank you so much for coming by and seeing us!

We know many of you are eager for our next crowdfunding campaign and want to get your hands on Pixel Noir, but hang in there! Things are going very strong here at SWDTech, and we will be consistently revealing tidbits for you on our social media and here in these updates for you while you wait!

Finally, we want to make special mention of a live Kickstarter project that we absolutely adore called Nuren: The New Renaissance. It's the world's first immersive music album. It's the brainchild of composer Jake "Virt" Kaufman. It's got Oculus Rift support for full immersion. It's got amazing music. Simply put, it's one of the coolest things we've ever seen. You can show some love and pledge your support here!

As always, thanks so much everyone. Talk to you in March! See you space cowboy.

-Tim, Project Manager

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