MAGFest, PAX South, and Progress Update!

MAGFest is Upon Us!

This year Pixel Noir was selected by MAGFest to be in their MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase (MIVS)! On the show floor we will have an updated build to play as well as LOADS of new and previously unseen material to show off! We will also be giving away the updated Pixel Noir Prototype Soundtrack, Stickers, and T-Shirts! On Saturday, from 11:30am to 1:30pm, we will be in Panel Room 3 (Subject to change, so keep an eye on those schedules!) for The Games at MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase panel! During the panel, I will be doing a two minute pitch of Pixel Noir to the audience, which I’m a hundred percent sure will end in a standing ovation. Or something. Maybe.

If you haven't been to MAGFest before, drink lots of water. Why, you ask? For the ridiculous amount of Colossus roars you'll be doing all weekend, of course.

PAX South!

Not going to MAGFest? Your name might be Kunal Majmudar. In which case, you're probably going to be at the first ever PAX South in San Antonio, TX, playing with the OneUps! Kunal will also have some physical EP's and Pixel Noir t-shirts for sale in Bandland. As mentioned in previous updates, all merch purchases go towards funding further development of Pixel Noir!

Whether you're at MAGFest or PAX South, be sure to stop by our booth and let us know you were a backer! We're going to have a short supply of swag to give away exclusively to our backers. And if you don't want the swag, come grab a beer with one of us.

A veritable treasure trove of SWDTech merch--some of which will be at MAGFest and some of which will be at PAX South!

Progress Update!

In the last update, I mentioned that we had been working on a fresh version of Pixel Noir. When we come back from MAGFest, we will be sitting down with the SWDTech team to play through our first new version of Pixel Noir!

Pixel Noir now has 85% more doughnuts, and 100% more cool.

This build means we are hitting a huge milestone in the project. We have more systems in place than ever before, with a game world you can officially get lost in. When you next see us, be it at MAGFest or in our next update, we will start revealing what we have been working on all this time. Stay safe out there! Don't end up like this guy!

Kinda makes you want to play Pixel Noir and find out what happened to this guy, huh?


Tim, SWDTech Project Manager

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