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Hey Backers! Happy Holidays!

We’ve had a few questions over the past few months from friends, fans, and press asking what we are up to, if we are planning another crowdfunding campaign, and what will end up happening to Pixel Noir if we do not find funding. This update is us answering those questions and revealing what will happen next!

What have we been up to?

Our Kickstarter campaign was an thrill for the team to work on. We learned an incredible amount of information from it all, the most note worthy being that people, above anything else, want to play Pixel Noir.

So we took some time to step back, look at what happened, what we were trying to build, and what we had showcased during the campaign. This brought us to begin working on tightening up our game design and distill Pixel Noir down to its core concept: a stellar, detective RPG.

Since the end of the Kickstarter we’ve kept working. Mornings, evenings, and weekends; anything we can put into Pixel Noir has gone into Pixel Noir. It has been slow going without a full time staff, but it has been a steady march forward that we cannot wait to reveal!

I recently did a twitch stream during the few weeks it took me to reorganize the sprites!

Our old, proof-of-concept prototype (some of you may have played this at PAX East!) was updated as far as it could go to test design ideas and was just recently decommissioned. I’m happy to report that as of November we’ve begun building out a fresh version from scratch that will grow to become the full version of Pixel Noir!

Are we planning another crowd funding campaign?


We’ve actually been planning it since the end of the last campaign, but decided to wait because we wanted to take our time revamping some game design, reevaluating our costs, etc. We do not want to bring Pixel Noir back out until we felt we had taken the feedback you guys had given us and put it to good use. We want to get Pixel Noir funded and out to you as soon as we can, and we will be sure to have new features, art, and concepts to show you along the way.

What will happen to Pixel Noir if we are not funded?

Pixel Noir is our dream come true. We have a lot of games that we want to make, but Pixel Noir is our baby--It needs to be made and it needs to be played because it means that much to us as a team.

If we don’t find funding, Pixel Noir will probably shift into something different. Maybe something episodic where we make small chapters once a year or create a small one-off version that resembles the pulp comic style of the original concept.

No matter what, you will play Pixel Noir one day. If we are funded, it will allow us to build our full vision for Pixel Noir out and deliver a complete experience within the next year. Without it, you’ll see it...just much farther down the road and with a significant change in scope.

Pinnacle City has expanded a lot since the last time you've seen it! More details soon!

What’s next?

We plan on doing periodic updates for you guys from now on until we launch our next crowdfunding campaign. These updates will have a more intimate look at who we are, what we are working on, as well as the challenges we are facing as an indie team trying to make it. We can’t say the date of the the next crowdfunding campaign just yet, but we will make sure that all of you are the first to know. Thanks for believing in us. We couldn’t do this without you.

//Tim, Project Manager

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