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Pixel Noir

Would you risk your sanity for a chance to crack the cold case that's haunted you for a decade?


Living on the streets of a shithole like Pinnacle City, there’s only two things to keep you going: A pack of cigarettes and the feeling that there’s more than this.


Ten years ago you were a rookie on the force when you tracked a lead to the abandoned hospital at the edge of town, dragging your partner Detective Cold along. There was something rotten in that rundown place. You were in over your head, but you were too proud to admit it; and it was your pride that killed your partner. With the hospital burned to the ground and nothing to exonerate you, they threw you in jail. For ten years you were haunted by unanswered questions and unspeakable horror, frightened by what you saw, what you did - and what you could still do.


Now you’re scraping by as a private eye, running a business out of a crappy apartment in downtown Pinnacle. Chasing down cheaters and lost pets isn’t much, but it’s enough to distract you from the voices you still hear at night and the monsters that always seem to creep into the fringes of your vision.


But then something happens. A chance comes along…a chance to clear your name once and for all. With your sanity at stake, how can you afford not to take it?

Pixel Noir is a hard-boiled detective RPG set inside a sprawling metropolis, where gangs roam free and coffee cures all. Uncover the truth--recover your sanity as you unravel Pinnacle City’s darkest secrets.

Game Features:

  • Solve a variety of mysteries as Pinnacle City’s cheapest Private Eye! From missing pets to murder investigations, your detective skills will earn you either fortune or face punches.

  • Fight enemies in turn-based combat. Use timed hits and timed blocks to give yourself the edge in battle.

  • Explore Pinnacle City--a wretched hive of scum and villainy harboring black market trade & hawked by colorful characters.

  • Use investigation mode and other unique talents to reveal clues and unearth new secrets and storylines!

  • Play through a stunning, 16-bit cityscape inspired by classic RPG’s and a chiptune-inspired OST featuring Secret of Mana composer, Hiroki Kikuta.


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Pixel Noir Super Mysterious Detective EP

Please email kunal@swdtechgames.com to request a copy for press review


Press Release: Sep 8th - Gritty detective RPG Pixel Noir hits the streets in 2015

Press Release: Oct 1st - Hiroki Kikuta Joins 16-bit RPG PIXEL NOIR Audio Team.pdf

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SWDTech Games is a team of gamers dedicated to reimagining the classic RPG experience for modern-day platforms such as PS4 and PS Vita. We grew up playing games like Final Fantasy, Earthbound, & Chrono Trigger, and aspire to produce our own classic.


Our development team is locked, loaded, and ready to fire on all cylinders. Most of us are experienced professionals that have been on multiple projects with both AAA companies like Capcom, Marvel, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Sony; and smaller Indie companies like WadjetEye Games, Indestructible Cannon, Hotslug, and more! We’ve come together to create the RPG we’ve wanted to play for over a decade now!






While we aren't making Pixel Noir to win any sort of awards, we are certainly grateful when an award comes along and finds us! Huge thanks to those who nominate us for awards. We love you!


Team SWDTech



Kunal Majmudar

Business Manager & Audio Composer

Len Stuart

Creative Director & Environment Artist


Leo Riveron

Jennifer Moore-Keating

Story Writer

Tim Robinson



Warner Rodriguez

QA Manager

Stephen Haddock-Weiler
Level Developer

Joseph Stachura

Level Developer

Shane Stevens
Sprite Artist

Lukas Stobie

Sprite Artist

Chris Tarzan

Char. Portrait Artist

Andrew Pappas

Community Manager

Dicky Phillips
Social Media Manager


José Felix

Media Editor

Additional Contributors

Jonathan Wong

Maximo Vitaly Lorenzo

Sarah Gavagan
Diandra Pop

Kristopher Carpenter

Robin Stevens

Derrick Tarrance

Kay Kenedy

All 1,914 Kickstarter backers! (we <3 you!)