Who can you trust when you can't trust yourself?

There was something rotten in that old hospital. You were just following your instincts, that night. But, it was your pride that killed those people, including your partner on the force. With nothing to exonerate you, on a temporary insanity defense, they threw the book at you...

For ten years you were haunted by unanswered questions, frightened by what you saw, and what you did. Now you’re scraping by as a private eye, operating out of a crummy apartment. One day, a strange case comes along, giving you an opportunity to clear your name once and for all. With your sanity at stake and a rent to pay, how can you refuse? 


The Detective 

If you asked me what's the one thing I could trust in, I would've told you it's my instincts. Perps could lie, evidence could be buried, but I knew if I kept following my gut, it'd lead me to the truth...

Until one night when I needed my instincts the most and they failed me--and it cost me everything: my partner, my shield, and my reputation.


Granted, my employer may at times associate with questionable company, but that's no excuse for me to carry myself as such. No matter the business we trade in, I always conduct myself like a professional. Whether it's meditating over a territory dispute, finding an underground game, or dealing with a "difficult" associate, I manage my tasks with discretion and ease. 

Some use the crass term "muscle". I prefer to think of myself as a "concierge".


Dude. If you're gonna run with me, you've gotta follow The Code: don't be a dick. Being a dick includes hasslin' folks, acting like a fool, eating my fries...you get the gist. 

Violate The Code and you gotta take it up with my pals Knuckles and Fisty McBee. Bein' a dick gets you a roundhouse kick to the face...with my fists!


Y'know, a lotta people can't handle how street I am. I tell 'em to hate the game, not the player. It's hard out there for a hustler!

I've gotta be stackin' paper all day, ever day, 'cos you know I don't have time to wait for my allowance to get that new high-tech burner phone!



Pinnacle City

Pixel Noir takes place in Pinnacle City, a seedy, urban crime ridden cesspool straight out of a campy detective novella. There's plenty to do and explore --from the dark alleys to the questionable characters that always seem to be hanging around.  Exploring the city can land you with some killer items, introduce you to characters you would've never met otherwise, and can even lead you to stumble into some crazy situations. 


Featuring music by Hiroki Kikuta (composer of the Mana series) & Kunal Majmudar

Arranged Album

The Pixel Noir Arranged Album reimagines the Pixel Noir original soundtrack in a non-stop 13-track barrage of audio goodness. Featuring the Pixel Noir composers Hiroki Kikuta & Kunal Majmudar along with Danimal Cannon, Maxo, Lacey Johnson, Mazedude, Megaran & K-Murdock, Mustin, Zircon, Sean Beeson, Wilbert Roget II, & The OneUps